On the Road: Photographing the American Southwest
November 6 - 12, 2017

Go on the road with us to photograph the iconic landscapes of the American West . . .





New Mexico and Utah

Class Size
8 participants

Craig Varjabedian
Tye Hardison


Activity Level - Intermediate
You should be prepared to carry your own gear and be capable of walking and light hiking on trails and somewhat rocky terrain.

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"You can say the real star of my Westerns has always been the land"
- Popularly attributed to John Ford, movie director

Aeons of erosion by wind and water have created intricate and sensuous rock formations and patterns in them. The ever changing patterns of light and shadow dance through twisted, secret places; the mesmerizing light provides opportunities to take exhilarating photographs of the American Southwest's iconic landscapes of Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly and the Antelope Slot Canyons. We will be working with Navajo guides at these magnificent locations to explore areas of the canyons normally off-limits. Our guides will share their knowledge of the best times of day to capture magical, mythical images of these ancient landscapes and rock formations.

This is a shooting intensive workshop and tour with award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian and assistant Tye Hardison. They will provide hands-on one-on-one guidance in the field if requested. Subjects that participants will have the opportunity to photograph could include: the various spectacular red rock formations in and around the Slot Canyons, shafts of light coming through the rocks, the desert landscapes of Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, such as the Mittens, Canyon del Muerte, Teardrop, Mystery Valley, John Ford Point, ancient petroglyphs, Totem Pole and the overlook of the Colorado River, sunrises and sunsets. This workshop includes ground transportation during the workshop.

Join us for a seven day adventure workshop as we explore iconic locations and show you how to capture them with your camera. You will have ample time to capture stunning images at each location!

Whether you are pointing your camera at a magnificent rock formation or capturing the dynamic weather, you'll spend time challenging yourself and improving your image-making abilities. On the field shoots, you will receive one-on-one instruction and attention while you work with your camera, with emphasis on encouraging you to think more deeply about how you create photographs.

You should be prepared to carry your own gear and be capable of walking and light hiking on sand, rocks and somewhat varied terrain. You should have a good understanding of your digital camera in order to get the most out of this workshop. You will need to have Lightroom installed on your laptop computer and have a basic understanding of the software. You need to know how to use auto bracketing on your camera.

Lots of enthusiasm for making pictures. Your digital camera with lenses, tripod, and filters. A laptop computer to view images made during the week. (We will provide a complete list of necessary gear before the workshop begins.)

Ground transportation during the workshop, photographic instruction/guiding, breakfasts, one group dinner and double occupancy lodging. Single supplement available. Please call our studio for further information.



Craig Varjabedian, the founder and main instructor at Eloquent Light, is an award-winning photographer who explores the back roads of the American West, making pictures of the land and the people who live on it, telling stories. . . one photograph at a time.

Tye Hardison has photographed all across New Mexico since 1999. A meticulous craftsman with a native’s sensitive eye, he assists Craig in the field and with Eloquent Light's photography workshops. Tye is Adobe Lightroom Certified. This means that after rigorous testing by Adobe, he is now considered an expert in the joys and pitfalls of Lightroom photo editing software. His expertise in Lightroom will provide new tools for workshop attendees.


"That evening in Monument Valley, I knew I had to wait. A moment was unfolding and I had to be present for the entirety of it. The sun had been heading toward the western horizon. I noticed a distant group of clouds coming in from the west, swirling, building, changing shape. I hoped they would hover over the Mittens just long enough to catch the last light of the day. The Mittens seemed to be beckoning to the clouds. They floated over the stone floor and darkening tower, slipping into the coming night. At the moment I made the exposure, the setting sun broke from the clouds and illuminated the foreground. The photograph conveys a sense of the vastness of this place, and the significance of the Mittens reveals itself." - Craig Varjabedian






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